Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ode to Yellow Jasmine

SC's State Flower Yellow Jessamine

It has been in the 70's for the past four days. Today was the fourth day in a row that I have worked in my flower beds.  That is quite a record with the crazy weather we have been having here in South Carolina. You gardeners out there know the strong pull the warming dirt has.  I've been knuckles deep in it for four days!

While pulling up some offending mint, I felt a softness in the air.  That  warm breeze that brings with it promises of warmer weather and a sweetness  previously missing.  I was instantly transported back to my youth and similar days of idyllic weather.  Yellow jessamine days, that's what these are.  There was a large vine of it in the woods behind my childhood home.  It twined around a fallen tree making it just the right height to sniff and steal a tendril or two.  Days like today would send me running to check for the yellow trumpeted blooms.

Lacking a my own vine, you can bet I'll be scanning the treetops along the byways in my travels.  There has to be some yellow jasmine blooming out there somewhere.  I can feel it in the air.