Monday, January 17, 2011

Geocaching and Wee Folk

Geocaching is a hobby that my daughter, Laura, introduced me to.  Boy, did she create a monster.  Geocachers use handheld GPS units to find things hidden in the woods, in parking lots, on billboards...  basically everywhere.  You will hear a lot about geocaching through my blogs as it consumes me.  Ha!  So, I won't dwell on the basics at this time.

I've learned that geocachers are a creative group of people.  This creativity shines through in different aspects of the hobby.  Some cachers mint beautiful coins, others host over the top gatherings and then some go all out with their hides (the caches they hide).  It's the discovery of a unique cache that keeps me, and most cachers, on the trail looking for the next cache.

Last week, I went in search of a cache on a back road in Conway, South Carolina that had been on my list for 2 years.  The delay was in part to the remote location of the cache.  Now, I wish I had gone sooner.  Moreover, I wish this cache were more readily accessible so I could visit more often.


  1. I love that cache. A little door in a tree. Awesome! :)

  2. I also have a GPS that I use when I go hiking, to keep a track of the route. I used it once to go geocaching and I really enjoyed it. I should do it again.

  3. Amy - If I had carpentry skills I would so hide something like this!

    Maria - I love geocaching for many reasons. One is that when I cache, I get totally into the moment and lose all of my worries.

  4. That was a good one!