Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day ~ In Remembrance

Life is hard.

War is even harder.

Today is Memorial Day.. a day to give thanks to all of those who have served to protect us.  To thank all of those who are currently protecting our freedom on three fronts.  So many of these heroes go unrecognized.  The news all day has shown gatherings of thankfulness and remembrances... local parades, wreath laying in Washington, and candle lightings in Iraq.  I am thankful and I am saddened for the sense of loss.    I'm also very fortunate.  You see, I've never personally known anyone who has served in active duty.   During the Vietnam war my brother was drafted and served in the lab at an army hospital in Germany.  We had the luxury of knowing he was safe. It was a blessing - and a luxury.   I count my blessings and feel an even greater sense of gratitude to those men and women who go into harm's way to protect our freedoms. 

Life is hard.... war is even harder.
To those who serve so others don't have to    Thank you.

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  1. Where are you and why aren't you posting over here? And don't give me the I don't have time excuse. Merry Christmas!