Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess Lessons

Kate Middleton aced her first (and second) royal engagements this week. Did anyone think she wouldn't?  She has had years to think about being a princess and years to study.  Kate, a level headed brunette, has studied photos and film from past royal engagements. Including  appearances of Lady Diana.   To further ensure her success, Kate has been assigned a tutor for all things "Princess."  

For her first outing, Kate and the proud Prince William  appeared in their hometown of Anglsley to christen a lifeboat.  Kate wore a beige coat, circa 2004, which had been recently re-hemmed to a more youthful length.  The Welsh people are hardscrabble folk.  It takes a lot of gumption to live in that  windblown   salt sprayed   spot of land.  Kate showed her resourcefulness by "making do" with her old coat.  With this act, she became one of the locals.. not any better than they are but ONE of them.  Then, she sang the Welsh National Anthem with gusto.  With a nod to the Royal Family (particularly her father in law to be), she wore a fascinator in her hair containing a brass button moulded with the Prince of Wales feathers.

Kate also christened the lifeboat with great aplomb.  Once, when the Queen was asked what it was like to be queen.  She replied, "I pour champagne over a lot of boats."  I don't know which royal secretary decided to send Kate out to a christening for her first duty, but I know the Queen got a good chuckle out of it.  There you are folks... I hope you got  a good look at your future Queen pouring champagne over the first in a long long line of boats. 

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